Description of the Dances

Where do I start?
If you are just starting out Swing dancing, the place to start is East Coast Swing or Beginning Lindy Hop!
If you are comfortable with 6 count Swing and want to move on adding 8 count moves and learn the Swingout, you are probably wanting to go with Beginning Intermediate Lindy Hop. (see descriptions below)
Specialty classes will be offered occasionally, so add yourself on the mailing list. 

East Coast Swing
A simple easy to learn take-off on the Lindy Hop that is based on 6 count steps that can easily be mastered. Gets you going in no time! Can be danced right away to lots of styles of music from Big Band, 50's to contemporary music.

Lindy Hop 
The granddaddy of all swing dancing was created in Harlem in the late 1920's. This exciting dance incorporates footwork based on the Charleston, Boogie Woogie break away steps, freezes, and 6-count and 8-count traveling steps. It's an energetic, swinging', happy dance that can be danced to slow or fast swing music.

Get your kicks with the Charleston. It's the foundation and a basic of the Lindy Hop. Here's where you'll learn those fun Charleston variations, including Kick-Through, Hand to Hand, and Tandem. It adds excitement and gives you a chance to move to faster music with ease, as well as catch your breath.

A swing dance with footwork done close to your partner to faster music. An original Southern California Swing Dance that developed in the mid 1930's on Balboa Island. Today it is one of the most popular dances, danced around the world. A true international language like Lindy Hop!




Collegiate Shag 

This is a bouncy version of the Balboa. It can be danced close or apart from your partner. And involves lots of kicks and breaks. It has 4 count 6 count and 8 coiunt steps, although 6 count was and is is the most commonly used. Here is a video from 1937 on the Shag - and no, those dancers were not taught by Arthur Murray. Below a picture of the original "Swing Cats Rhythm Revue" in original "Collegiate" attire. We performed and introduced our Shag in front of a 1500+ audience in 1999 at Swing Camp Catalina. It was exciting as nobody had performed it in the same capacity for a long time. The audience was very receptive and it goes into our minds as one of our greatest performance experiences! Video will be up soon. Check out the 32 inch cuffs on their pants! People today do Shag around the world so get into the zone and watch these amazing dancers.


Boogie Woogie - Jazz Steps
These are traditional Jazz steps that all of you learn during our class warm-up. Add flavor to your dancing with Shorty George, Suzie Que, Fall of the Log, Boogie Down, and many more. In Europe this is the name for a popular swing dance that is based on 6 count swing and is also a takeoff on the Lindy Hop.