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VIDEO: Balboa and "Bal -Swing" by some of the Original Balboa Dancers in Angeles in the 1980's - And memories from Rob

Here are some of the Balboa Dancers starting out with Bart Bartola and Natalie Gomez, Willie Desatoff and Ann Mills doing the Balboa, a Southern Califirnia original Swing Dance that was created in the mid 1930's of Newport Beach at Balboa Island. As you see it is danced close to your partner and has some intricate footwork. In the mid 1980's when I started to come to their regular Sunday dances at Bobby McGees, I was one of the only young folks interested in the dance. Slowly I became part of their family. Everybody would give me tips on how to do it but then the next person would come over and say: "Honey don't listen to him, he doesn't know what he is talking about, do it like this". I would get some great input on the execution on the ladies twist and other steps that they were willing to share. I knew some Balboa Basics from Jonathan Bixby and Sylvia Sykes (They were my first teachers) but when I watched them strutt their stuff I had to ask; where are their basics? Great stuff, and a moment in history preserved. I still have footage from this time that I have not yet uploaded and shared, but there were dancers like Harry Berlin who was considered one of the best but did not get recorded that much. And of course there is Maxie Dorf, considered the King of Balboa. Enjoy this clip of some of the original Southern California Dancers doing BALBOA. Today Balboa is danced around the world and you can even find special weekend workshops, just on Balboa. It is here today for you to combine it with your other swing dances as you can switch from Lindy into Charleston and from Charleston into Balboa easily within one song!
Rob van Haaren  

Shag Explained by Arthur Murray in 1936 (published in 1937)

Great clip. He surely did not teach the hot dancers in the middle of the video how to dance! They are awesome. Great record of a time in history and now - danced today! Enjoy

Greatest Performance Lindy Hop Scene

Caught on Film with some of the legendary Whitey's Lindy Hoppers ending with Frankie Manning (high quality) - Movie: Hellzapoppin 1941 (Norma Miller gets tossed around in a circle and has a Chefs hat on)