Weekend Schedule


There are Three Tracks in Shag and Charleston for the weekend.

Complet details and registration at www.rootsofshag.com/welcome

Track One: Beginning
Track Two: Intermediate
Track Three: Intermediate Plus
Novelty Track – All Levels

Rob and Diane and Rhythm Revue DancersSwing Cats Rhythm Revue Dancers


DOUBLE SHAG   This is the classic 1930’s  Swing dance that the modern “Collegiate” Shag is based on.  In Lance’s classes the original form from New York and New Jersey will be explored with the focus on authentic lead/follow techniques and styling.  Also the Partner Charleston styling will be very authentic and unique. Though Charleston  and Double Shag will be the main focus, attendees will also be introduced to various footwork styles and the differences between Single Shag, Double Shag and Triple Shag. California styles will also be covered.

FRIDAY DANCE – 8pm-11 pm DJ Dance
with special guest DJ Ben Luhrman

SATURDAY                         Room 1                                           Room 2


9:30-10:30                Track One                                      Track Three      
10;45-11:45                 Track Two                                      Track One      
12:00 Lunch               Video’s and “inspiration lunch break” with
Teachers – sharing their insights
1:30-2:30                    Track Three                                   Track Two      
2:45-4:00                   Track Two                                      Track One      
4:15-5:15                      Track Three            Novelty Track *Swing Steps      



421343_2221793043211_1880266670_n[1]Lance Benishek and Lynn

*Swing Steps  4:15-5:15 Novelty Track – All Levels:   Many popular steps were included in all Swing dances of the 1930s.  Focus will be on the most popular-Trucking, Pecking and Suzi-Q with variations to add to your Charleston, Shag and Lindy Hop.


Lance’s classes will build on each other.

SATURDAY DANCE – 7-11pm Live Band “Dirty River Dixie Band” – Has re-written songs just for this weekend!
Dance Performances with “Rad Youth” and more.

“Dirty River Dixie Band”

Dirty River Dixie BandDirty River Dixie Band


SUNDAY                          Room 1                                           Room 2


10:00-11:00              Track Two                                      Track One        
11:15-12:15                   Track One                                      Track Three        
 12:15-1:30                  Video’s and “inspiration lunch” break with
Teachers – sharing their insights
 1:30-2:30                  Track Three                                   Track Two        
 2:45-3:45                   Track One                                     Track Three        
3:45                              Novelty Track – CONGA for all        


with-Joan1Charleston with Lance Benishek and Joan


3:45  Novelty Track – CONGA
It seems that the Conga, when introduced  to America in 1938, has been forgotten as a Ballroom (couple) dance.  We  will end the weekend with this exciting fun easy dance!!  Line variations will be covered too!

Late afternoon Sunday Dance 4:45-6:30pm.


Complete details and registration at www.rootsofshag.com/welcome


Questions email us at rootsofshag@gmail.com



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