First Annual "YEAH MAN - SWING JAM"

Memorial Day Weekend - May 27-28, 2016

Yes a weekend filled with Workshops - Socials - Live Band Dirty River Dixie Band - Performances - Competitions - Fun and Excitement - Celebrating Frankie Manning

Weekend Pass - Dance Tickets:
WEEKEND PASS: Includes All Dances, Classes, and Video Presentation.

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Location: The Grande, 540 Porter Street, New Braunfels TX 78130 (Milltown Historic District) Tickets to the Weekend, Dances and Reserved Seating at the bottom of the page. 

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Rob and Diane, Matt and Christina,  and (in sprit) Frankie Manning


Rob and Diane van Haaren - International Dance teachers have been teaching worldwide for the last 25 years (just in Herrang Sweden at Herrang Dance Camp alone, the mother of all dance camps, for over 18 years) and have build communities from the San Francisco Bay Area and Ventura in Southern California, to now in Central Texas, where they call New Braunfels their new home. They are excited to pass their passion on to you. With a sence of historic perspective, as they learned from the masters of the time, making it fun and inspiring, you will get a full understanding of the spirit, the steps and their history packed into your every class. Let the fun begin. More on Rob and Diane click here

Matt and Christina Hennigan -  They have been involved building and teaching in scenes from Seattle, Florida and Southern California for almost 20 years and just moved here from San Diego. We are thrilled to have them join us on our team! Besides being great teachers, did we tell you that they are great people too? 

(With us in spirit) Frankie Manning - Who is Frankie Manning? Words can not even describe this man. Many would call him a star, a legendary Lindy Hopper, ambassador of the Lindy Hop, a teacher, a great story teller who had you sitting on the edge of your seat, a role model, a humble man, an inclusive person who would put his friends first. Frankie knew how to have a good time. Life is a party and you are invited. To many dancers around the world he was ..... read more

Frankie Manning social style Lindy Hop with Norma Miller in 1980's

Frankie Manning Chief Choreographer in the 1941 movie Hellzapoppin dancing performance style Lindy Hop with Ann Johnson (last solo)

For fun Competition:

Mature (More experienced Swing Dancers) and Beginner Jack and Jill dancers are partnered randomly and paired up for the fun factor for a Swing Dance together on Saturday night. Audience will decide on the winner. A random Swing Song will be picked for them. 

Weekend Pass - Dance Tickets:
WEEKEND PASS: Includes All Dances, Classes, and Video Presentation.

REGISTRATION: # Number People
Name of second person

7:30-11pm Dance Tickets $8 at the door only. Includes Intro Swing Lesson at 7:30pm


8-11:00pm Dance Tickets and Reserved Seating life Band: Dirty River Dixie Band

Number of People
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