Rob and Diane van Haaren

Rob and Diane met at a dance competition in Ventura in 1995 where Diane performed. Guess the rest. Yes Rob started with Lindy Hop in 1984 and felt luckey to meet and work with many of the original dancers from the 1930's and 1940's. He found the holy grail, a cultural richnes that most people at that time took for granted.Inspired by teaching at the Herrang Swing Camp in 1992 he organized the International Swing Camp in Santa Barbara in 1993 and was ahead of the wave that was about to follow 4 years later. With teachers and performers from the Rhythm Hot Shots from Sweden to legends like Frank Manning and Fayard Nicholas it was a dream come true! Diane started at Nicholby's and was dancing East Coast. She was intersted in Lindy Hop and soon started to teach with Rob. After a tour of 3 months teaching in Europe they moved to the Bay Area and found themselves the largest club in the happening part of town. The appreciation for Jazz and Swing by many San Franciscans allowed Rob and Diane to put Broadway Studio's on the map as one of the most happening Swing clubs in the Bay Area with lessons and live bands every week. They started other Swing Nights in the Bay Area from San Jose to Redwood City's "Swing Central". They spend many years around the world teaching Swing - Balboa - Jazz - Charleston and Shag. Now you can find Rob and Diane right here in Central Trexas spreading the love for Swing and building community.

Rob and Diane: More then ever we need a sence of community, not online but with people you can get "In Touch With". The words of a very wise and inspirational friend by the name of Frankie Manning once told us "Rob and Diane don't stop teaching, always keep passing on the passion you have for this dance" And we are so glad we have the gift of sharing, sharing the dance with those that find peace, joy and happyness in the music, the culture and the creativity we all find in our own ways in being part of Swing, the history, today and the future for all of us to enjoy! Beware - Once you have been to a Swing Dance Party it might consume the rest of your free time to get there again next time! Smiles on our faces - fun and freedom to express yourself to good music and World Peace! YEAH MAN!


"I have to hand it to Rob and Diane van Haaren... they can get ANYBODY to swing dance and do it well in a short time. I've never seen anything like it. They're engaging, funny, inviting and make people want to dance AND keep coming back." Victor Celania

"Rob & Diane van Haaren are amazing instructors, new to our area after a long career teaching dance in the Bay Area and overseas. They are SO GOOD, especially with beginners. You'll be having so much fun, you won't even realize how quickly you've learned!" Katie Alexander


Come join the fun!