What level am I supposed to take?

 Students learn to dance at different speeds so it's hard to establish class prerequisites that fit everyone. We expect that most dancers will stay at Beginning-intermediate and Intermediate levels for at least eight months to one year each before moving on. These classes are designed to be taken repeatedly, so you'll continue to learn new material. Please advance only when your current level is not challenging you. If you need help with placement, we can help you find the appropriate level. (where do I start?)

Beginning Lindy Hop:
If this is your first time trying the Lindy Hop or you want to work on the basics, this level's for you. You'll learn the fundamental steps starting with the 6 count basic and many variotions on it with turns and more. 


 You will learn the 8 count Swing Out, Lindy Circle, Side By Side Charleston and more. Bring your enthusiasm, and we'll get you swinging yo' thing.
You're ready for the Beginning-intermediate if you know the 6 count basics.

Join the Intermediate level if you feel very comfortable with the Swing Out, Lindy Circle and Charleston, because you'll be ready to work on variations, styling, and connections. Perhaps you're not quite confident executing them. This class will continue giving you a good foundation to become a confident dancer as you learn new steps.

The floor, partner, and music are all your friends, and you can combine them with ease. Dancing to slow and fast music doesn't scare you, and you welcome some complicated moves, as well as fine-tuning your dancing.

You don't have to think twice whether you belong in this class. This is for the topnotch dancers who've been dancing 3-4 years on a regular basis. You have solid lead and follow steps. You can pick up steps fairly quickly and execute them with flare, style, and pizzazz. If you can tickle your toes while doing a reverse spin, then this class is for you.

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